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Charity Blocks for December 2013

For December, we were tasked with a really simple block to keep the work happening and the  donations coming in over the silly season. This i-spy block was just a simple framed 10″ square.

With the end-of-school craziness hitting and a long list of gifts still to finish, I didn’t think I’d be able to complete the full quilt top so just put together 12 blocks from my black/white/red stash.


There were actually supposed to be 15 to each top, but I mis-read the instructions, whoops. My blocks just made a little quilt this time.

Later on though, in looking around for some fabrics to use to do an extra couple of October blocks, I found these fabrics that I thought would make good i-spy-type blocks. By this point, it was that lovely after-Christmas lull so I decided to whip up another quilt top. I really should know by now that there is no such thing as a “quick” quilt top, though!



This month we were tasked with the woven block. I knew exactly which fabric range I was going to use for this one. Needed to do a nice bright quilt top after the quiet one last month. Problem was that I only had a fat quarter of a couple of the fabrics so I couldn’t do the exact pattern I had in mind. Still, this is how it turned out:


These blocks were simple enough, but I stuffed up the process of chain piecing so had some seams that wouldn’t press nicely  as they were sewn down in opposite directions. Live and learn!