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Productive Easter!

All caught up on Pat Sloan’s globetrotting BOM. Yey!

Finding this one so much fun. I found the purple aboriginal print at my local quilt shop and challenged myself to use it, knowing full well how much quilters tend to not use purple. I just loved it too much to put it back on the shelf. ๐Ÿ™‚

Loving it, in a completely would-never-have-chosen-this-if-I-was-being-safe kinda way!

Economy blocks all done. Going to send these 35 to AQWL as is as I’ve run out of (long) weekend. Happy for Jenny to decide whether to make into a completed top or mixed up with other donations.


Almost got a completed charity quilt ready too but will wait until the binding is done and post separately. Squee to having that nearly ready!

As part of my quilt history/traditional block study, I’m doing Barbara Brackman’s Jane Austen BOW. Up to date now. Made a mistake on block 2 but I can live with it so I’m going to leave it.


Been working on some pinwheels for a gift quilt… Just not feeling it… Going to leave this for a bit and hope inspiration hits!

Thanks for keeping it fun, kidlets. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tula’s gridlock is almost there too, but definitely saving that for a post of its own too. So excited to see that come together!