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Virtual Quilting Bee Sampler

This is the longest-running project for me so far. I started making this as part of Amy’s QAL last year, and then when the top was completed, made the slightly ambitious decision to hand-quilt it. Living in Queensland, the thought of sitting under a quilt hand-quilting is really only possible in Winter, and so I have spent many evenings stitching away at this project. It has been really fun and lovely, but yes, totally over-ambitious and a learning curve. This quilt is far from perfect, but it taught me lots, it is finished and it is mine. And that’s exciting. 🙂

Finished VQB modern sampler

Finished VQB modern sampler

Hand Quilting

Hand Quilting

Hand quilting in progress

Hand quilting in progress


Minky-Backed New Wave Quilt

This quilt is my experiment with minky, and my kids love it! I’m not quite convinced about putting all of those man-made fibres next to beautiful cotton but I’m out-voted at our place (not for the first time!)

Aqua New Wave Quilt - finished

Aqua New Wave Quilt – finished

This quilt was made from the pattern by Elizabeth Hartman at the Oh Fransson blog. I love so many of her patterns, and this one was book-marked when I first started quilting. Nice to have an excuse to make a quilt for fun. 🙂 The fabrics are by Cinderberry Stitches from the Folk Tale range.

Minky backing

Minky backing

My daughter and I shared this quilt with the Brisbane MQG in September. It was so much fun to take her along and see her get so excited about making quilts! Here is a link to her in action:

Science Fair Quilt

Loved making this quilt. It came together really easily and wonderfully. This was a gift for my husband for father’s day.


Fussy hubby wanted bright colours not on white or grey background, so I even used my favourite basic – black sketch – as the background. That’s how much I love fussy hubby. 😉 The coloured fabrics are Mod Century from a Moda jelly roll.

A few in-progress shots:

Playing with layouts

Playing with layouts

Pieced Top

Pieced Top





Goals for Q3 2014

So here’s the shortlist. Things are getting too cray-cray as biggest DD would say. Heaps of BOMs, long-term projects and things on hold for a while, but I would love to finish these for the end of September:

VQB Lap Quilt: It was on the list last quarter, but I decided to hand-quilt, so it is taking longer to finish. Still, want this to be done for September.


Rainbow squares quilt that I didn’t get finished in Q2. Current state:


Science Fair Quilt: This is a pile of fabrics and a pattern at the moment. I’ve pulled apart the jelly roll but that’s it. It’s been on the list for a while but not been prioritised because it will be a Father’s Day gift. In the hope that it doesn’t end up months late like MIL’s mother’s day gift, it needs to be completed this quarter.


Briar Rose Bricks: Really want to get some proper single-bed-sized quilts finished. The kids have ended up sleeping with their play quilts. These fabrics have been on my next-to-cutting table for a while and I just want to do something simple that will allow the fabrics to shine.


Night Sky Rainbow Print on Black: Another single-bed size quilt that I would like to finish as a test before starting the commissioned-by-a-friend quilts for her kids Christmas presents.


Baby Quilt x 2: for gifts. Will be using the New Wave pattern.


Seven quilts in three months. I think that might be going a bit far, but it’s an aim and I’ve tried to keep the patterns simple where possible. At the end of the day, the baby quilts will be ok as Christmas presents if they don’t get done in time, and it’s ok for the kids to keep using their play quilts on their beds if needed, but the father’s day gift and the VQB need to be done!

A king-size finish: Tula’s modern sampler!

I started this project back in May 2013 with the Sew Sweetness sew-along and steadily made my way through all of the blocks, learning as I went. And then the blocks sat there for a long time.

The Finish Along at The Littlest Thistle was the nudge I needed to get this much-anticipated quilt finished. It was a daunting task for me as a newbie quilter to make sure that I had the colours just so, and (since I was very much a newbie when starting) sash all of those slightly differently-sized blocks making sure they were exactly in line.

So we went from this (including much swapping around and general fussing):


To this:



To this:


To this (at last) when the flimsy was finished (all. that. pinning.):



The next big decision was quilting. This thing is huge. I thought it was 96″ square, but it actually turned out more like 102″ square(ish). I hadn’t really seen much long-armed work other than pictures on the web, but asked the lovely QuiltJane for some advice, and thanks to her, it became this:



And a very long length of binding (eventually decided on black on white sketch, but was so tempted to use the raspberry architextures crosshatch instead) and a few evenings of hand stitching (I do love that bit) later, we have a finished quilt.

Tula Pink Sampler Finished Quilt


So pleased with it. Yey!


Supposedly Simple Pinwheels

MIL’s “mother’s day” quilt is finally finished. This was one of my goals for Q2. In June. But hey, it’s the thought that counts! I decided to forgo a pattern and “just make a few simple pinwheels” from the Midwinter Reds layer cake I had for the project. Except none of the points matched and it generally drove me nuts.

Still, we got there in the end.. 🙂

Midwinter Reds Pinwheel Quilt

Finished Maisie Quilt!

Hooray for a finish, be it a simple one! Maisie is all done and ready to be shipped to Sydney as part of the AQWL project. This was one of my goals for Q2 in the FAL at the Littlest Thistle.

Maisie is made with a couple of panels found at spotlight in their clearance section. I think they would make a nice fabric book too. I went a bit mad and bought a few so will be making more Maisie things at some point. Or maybe I’ll let Miss8 loose with them. 🙂20140425-101119.jpg

The backing is Castle Peeps by Lizzie House for Andover, which has been sitting in my stash for a while. I think a brighter yellow might have been better, but this was the best I had over the Easter holidays and the castles combined with the red won me over. I wouldn’t use this on the binding again though. A stronger colour, dots or stripes would have looked better, I think. I was trying to be frugal and use up the remaining fabric (perfect amount for binding) but not entirely convinced that it worked well…

I haven’t really had a lot of time to be sending quilt tops monthly (as was my aim) so decided to complete a quilt to send with my blocks for March (or were the economy blocks Feb? Oh dear!) These quilts are the perfect size for using up some batting scraps I have hanging around my sewing room, and it just seemed silly that I was posting blocks, which then had to be posted to someone else with batting and backing. So I think a better aim would be for a completed quilt every couple of months for the project since I enjoy the quilting and finishing as much as the piecing. 🙂 Well, from now on, that is… I’ve seen enough of these economy blocks for now!