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New Blog

Just a quick post to let you know that I’m retiring this little corner of the web. You can now find me over at and on IG, of course. Thank you! 🙂


Finished Yuma Quilt

So I missed the deadline for my July goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes but managed to get this finished yesterday. I quietly took the quilt with me to finish the binding when I saw my friend and she liked it. Hooray. So it’s definitely hers. She’s over the moon. 🙂

I really enjoyed making this quilt, which you can probably tell by my oversharing on IG It’s a free pattern by Gotham Quilts. The hardest part for me (despite the bias edges!) was fabric placement. This quilt had a life of its own! My initial fabric placement looked great in my head but didn’t click when I laid it out and this was the only way it wanted to be. Every quilt teaches me something. 🙂


I’d love to get one of the Sarah Jane kids quilts made in August so linking up that goal for this month. I slipped and bought more kid-fabric at Fifi’s winter sale so should have enough now. Haha.

Q3 Goals

So, the thing that has been dropped this quarter is le blog… Which is a shame as I had signed up to this great new quilt bloggers group and had plans for making this place more than just a diary… Time to get sorted, I think! I’ve linked up my Flickr and Instagram photos of my Q2 finishes, but basically of the 5, 3 down, 2 started. Haha. Loved making the mini and finally finished my tardy Aurora and Urban Churn Dash quilts once the uni semester had finished. Of course, I’ve started way more than I finished, as usual!

So my project-based goals for Q3 are:

Q3 goals

True North: only managed two blocks this quarter but keen to get this finished. Loving it so far. Great pattern from my friend Peta at Shequiltsalot.

Yuma: this QAL from Gotham Quilts came along at just the right moment as I was looking for a fairly quick quilt for a friend. I’m making it with Terra Australis fabric. I’ve got the rows together but would like to finish and gift it to my friend this month.

Sarah Jane Kids Quilts: I’d like to get two done this quarter so I will have 4-5 kid quilts ready for Christmas-time.

Delight: it would be great to get this quilt done this quarter 2. Just fabrics sitting in a box with the pattern at the moment.

Cotton + Steel Advent Calendar: I managed to pick up a F8 bundle of Tinsel from my LQS. It just has to be an advent calendar… I’ll be adapting a pattern also picked up at my LQS.
I will also keep working on:

* my small world project

* my weekender bag

* my two EPP projects (this goes with that and Tula’s Marquise)

…and a few other things I have on the back burner. Same old problem: need more hours in the day! But most importantly, I’m aiming to have a good plan for next year by the end of this quarter. Been drifting too long…

2015 Q2 Quilty Goals

I have a feeling (hope) that lots is going to be happening this quarter. The house is going to sell (PMA right there) and I am continuing with my art study, at least until the end of semester. So I’m trying to set realistic goals!

1) First up, our (Cherish circle’s) do good stitches quilt. This one is going to Assist-A-Sista for bedding for a domestic violence victim trying to set themselves up from scratch. I’m going to make it single bed size and would like to finish it in April (depending on when all the blocks are received). These are the blocks so far:

Aurora Ahead

Aurora Ahead

2) My urban churn dash (QAL at didn’t get finished last quarter, although the top and backing are now done. Would like to get the quilt finished this quarter.

Urban Churn Dash

Urban Churn Dash

3) Cotton + Steel Mini: I signed up for another swap. I shouldn’t have given how busy this year is, but what can I say? It’s C+S! I’m going to use a single big block to really showcase the gorgeous fabrics with this one.


4) True North Quilt: I’ve been so keen to start this quilt designed by the lovely Peta of She Quilts A Lot. I totally caved on my buying ban and bought a jelly roll and charm pack of the beautiful Boat House fabric to make this quilt a single/twin bed size. Looking forward to this one.

Kath's True North

Kath’s True North

5) Kids’ quilts: I’m hoping to get a bit of a stack of kids’ play and bed quilts together to sell. Any spare time will be making a start on those. First up will be simple patchwork 6″ squares using my Sarah Jane studios stash.

Sarah Jane's Let's Pretend for simple patchwork quilts

Sarah Jane’s Let’s Pretend for simple patchwork quilts

Books to read that didn’t make the 2015 challenge list

These are the books that I had my eye on to read this year, but didn’t make the list or fit the challenge:

A Thousand Splendid Suns – Khaled Hosseini

The Lucky Country – Donald Horne

The Book Thief – Marcus Zusak

Call The Midwife – Jennifer Worth

Anna Karenina – Leo Tolstoy

Karoo  – Steve Tesich

The Watch Tower – Elizabeth Harrower

Splithead – Julya Rabinowich

Fetish – Tara Moss

Big Little Lies – Liane Moriarty

The Wild Girl – Kate Forsyth

Not That Kind of Girl – Lena Dunham

Life After Life – Kate Atkinson


2015 Q1 Goals

1) Finish our (Cherish circle’s) do good stitches Red Crosses quilt for Molli Sparkles’s Sewing for Sydney project.

Red Crosses Quilt WIP

2) Schnitzel & Boo’s Mini Quilt Swap

Cotton & Streel Mini-Quilt Planning

Cotton & Streel Mini-Quilt Planning

3) Rebel Quilt

Rebel Quilt Planning

Rebel Quilt Planning

4) Eerie Fireworks


5) Australia


6) Urban Churn Dash: I don’t think this will happen but depends on how quickly the other quilts come together, but I’m thinking of giving this simple sew-along a go using my stashed Waterfront Park fabrics.


Catch up Post – Q4 2014 Finishes

Yeah, this blog is a bit neglected, but still want to check in every now and then to chart what I have managed to complete and what is cooking…

This quarter, I finished Rainbow Squares, which was gifted to youngest for her birthday (although I’m not sure it would be chosen over the Frozen doona cover that nearest-and-dearest has requested for her for Christmas! I should have basted better as some of the squares are more parallelogram than square (presumably due to the long lines), but overall, I’m pretty happy.

Rainbow Squares Quilt

Rainbow Squares Quilt

Grungy Night Sky and Original Night Sky were also completed in time for Christmas. These are for my friend’s daughters. The aim was to make 2 that were similar but not the same. I think the prints versus solids worked well for that.

Night Sky Quilt in solids

Night Sky Quilt in solids

Night Sky Quilt in print fabrics on grungy background

Night Sky Quilt in print fabrics on grungy background

Sister Night Sky Quilts for Sisters

Sister Night Sky Quilts for Sisters

I took part in my first swap, the IGminiswap, and my mini-quilt was sent off to England. Thankfully the recipient was happy as I was very nervous!

Mini Swoon made for #igminiswap

Mini Swoon made for #igminiswap

I signed up for Sarah Fielke’s little quilts swap too. This was sent to a lovely lady close by who was also happy. The colours on this were a challenge for me, and difficult to photograph, but I was pleased with how it worked out in the end.

Mini Quilt made for #littlequiltsswap

Mini Quilt made for #littlequiltsswap

I made a quick charity quilt as part of Brisbane MQG’s pre-Christmas donations to Giv-it. Barely had enough time, so just quilted a couple of panels together. Hope it made someone smile.

Maisy Donation Quilt

Maisy Donation Quilt

I mainly failed on Christmas gifts, with skirts, bedside caddies, and a simple doll going unmade. I did, however, manage quick teacher gifts of quilted journal covers and a baby play-quilt for our nephew’s new bub-to-be.

Baby Play Quilt from Bluebird Park jelly roll at FQS's Jelly Roll Jam pattern.

Baby Play Quilt from Bluebird Park jelly roll at FQS’s Jelly Roll Jam pattern.

Journal Covers Teacher Gifts

Journal Covers Teacher Gifts

I also failed on a couple of blocks-of-the-month that I started the year with. I will pick them up again at some point, but for now, the Aurifil and the Globetrotting BOMs are on the UFO pile.

Still many other works in progress, but I’ll cover those in my plans for 2015. I feel less of a beginner now, and am starting to develop my own style and aesthetic, I think. Still so much to learn, but overall, it’s been a good year. 🙂