Q3 Goals

So, the thing that has been dropped this quarter is le blog… Which is a shame as I had signed up to this great new quilt bloggers group and had plans for making this place more than just a diary… Time to get sorted, I think! I’ve linked up my Flickr and Instagram photos of my Q2 finishes, but basically of the 5, 3 down, 2 started. Haha. Loved making the mini and finally finished my tardy Aurora and Urban Churn Dash quilts once the uni semester had finished. Of course, I’ve started way more than I finished, as usual!

So my project-based goals for Q3 are:

Q3 goals

True North: only managed two blocks this quarter but keen to get this finished. Loving it so far. Great pattern from my friend Peta at Shequiltsalot.

Yuma: this QAL from Gotham Quilts came along at just the right moment as I was looking for a fairly quick quilt for a friend. I’m making it with Terra Australis fabric. I’ve got the rows together but would like to finish and gift it to my friend this month.

Sarah Jane Kids Quilts: I’d like to get two done this quarter so I will have 4-5 kid quilts ready for Christmas-time.

Delight: it would be great to get this quilt done this quarter 2. Just fabrics sitting in a box with the pattern at the moment.

Cotton + Steel Advent Calendar: I managed to pick up a F8 bundle of Tinsel from my LQS. It just has to be an advent calendar… I’ll be adapting a pattern also picked up at my LQS.
I will also keep working on:

* my small world project

* my weekender bag

* my two EPP projects (this goes with that and Tula’s Marquise)

…and a few other things I have on the back burner. Same old problem: need more hours in the day! But most importantly, I’m aiming to have a good plan for next year by the end of this quarter. Been drifting too long…


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