Goals for Q4 2014

Well, only managed to finish three of my seven aims in quarter 3, but I still have high hopes to get a lot done by the end of the year. Just need to not start anything new!

Rainbow squares is still a WIP. I finished the top and have started quilting, but needs completing and binding.

Quilting Rainbow Squares

Quilting Rainbow Squares

Night Sky 1 (grungy print version) is a completed top that needs basting, quilting and binding in time for Christmas.

Night Sky version 1 - Quilt top complete

Night Sky version 1 – Quilt top complete

Night Sky 2 (original solids version) is still being pieced. Need to complete the top, baste, quilt and bind for Christmas.

Night Sky version 2: 3 colours down 3 to go

Night Sky 3 (white version) hasn’t been started, so need to complete this whole project by Christmas.

White Night Sky fabrics

White Night Sky fabrics

Instagram Swap Mini: again, haven’t started, but need to make and send a mini by the end of November. This is the plan:


Little Quilts Mini: another I haven’t started, but this is the plan:


Do Good Stitches charity quilt: this might need to be finished in January, but in an ideal world, the November blocks should be with me in time (and I can find time) to get this quilt off to the charity in time for Christmas. You never know…

Cross Block Tutorial - Ellison Lane

Rebel Quilt: I’m tagging this on the end as I know it’s unlikely that I’m going to be able to fit it all in, but I’m totally obsessed with this quilt and need to make it as soon as I can.

Rebel Quilt Planning

Rebel Quilt Planning

And I need to do 2 memory quilts this quarter too. OK, totally over-committed. Better stop talking about it and get on with it!


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