WIP: Virtual Quilting Bee

One of my first aims for the year was to finish this quilt! It’s March and still a pieced top and a pieced back… In my defence, the blasted cat decided to make a mess on it, and then when I was cleaning up, the piece of batting that I had cut turned out to be the exact size needed for Eldest’s birthday quilt, which has a deadline… Anyway, this is where I’m up to:


I’m so grateful for Amy at Diary of a Quilter for all the work that she put into the virtual quilting bee. I learnt so much last year, and cannot wait until this quilt is ready for me to snuggle on the sofa with, hopefully just in time for the ridiculously short Brisbane winter.

I didn’t complete all of the blocks. I struggled with a few and after a few attempts figured I’d try them again when I was a bit more skilled… Instead I added a couple of the blocks I was using for my charity quilting projects as a “get over yourself” message to me. 🙂



5 thoughts on “WIP: Virtual Quilting Bee

  1. Amy Smart

    I love your version using the Happy Go Lucky! Love the navy for the border – it’s amazing how it changes the look of the whole quilt. Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Kath Post author

      I’d decided on the cornerstones and borders from the beginning, so I’m so pleased it all came together. Love it! I’ve really enjoyed this project and this quilt will be for ME! Thank you Amy!

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